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This manifesto is an evolving statement of our practice. It contains mistakes, alterations and corrections. As our practice adapts, changes and develops as will this document.  







A group of similar things that are close together, sometimes surrounding something:

E.g. "Have a look at the cluster of galaxies in this photograph"

Our work is in flux: we will realise our intention through playing, pausing, reflecting and re-playing.  

We explore through re-description: we remould, reframe and reconsider. 


We listen and learn from noise: we listen to old records, forgotten cassettes and our favourite tunes.  


We record messages to the future whilst listening to the messages of the past 

To hear the unheard 


We embrace time as a medium


Our work responds to the current contemporary moment, where things are in a state of flux.   


We are living in a time where so much is simulated, we often feel detached.  


We take comfort in nostalgia, we long for something to hold.  


There’s a void for meaning, truth and authenticity.  


A need which we seek to fill with work that tries to reconstruct connections, to repair communication.  


We relocate ourselves, searching for the boundaries of time and space, and attempting to launch out of stasis 


All non-recyclable material we use will have an 'end of life plan' 


We make the infinite intimate, finding the cosmic in the everyday.  


We start from a position of not knowing  





Continuous change 

E.g. "Everything is in a state of flux." 

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