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The Pleasance
12 - 14 May 2022

A multimedia performance for the present, staging the warnings of our past, the messages we are sending to our future, and those that never reached us.  

PLEASE LEAVE explores the impending climate crisis, which vibrates beneath the work. ClusterFlux use karaoke, personal story-telling and choreographed dance sequences to examine the role communication, messages and storytelling can play in exploring the realities of ecological disaster. This performance encapsulates the joy of living in the moment, our fears for an uncertain future and our complex relationship to the past.

This place is a message. Pay attention to it.

All performances are fully captioned.

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this dance, this act that fills the space 

Built around a process of sharing, the act of writing letters, exchanging memories and making artifacts of the everyday objects around them ClusterFlux reach out across the distance of lockdown to articulate the liminal space that has existed in-between them. A space of melancholy, reflection and a yearning to share experience. 

Drawing on the principle of entropy, the process of heading towards decay and the inability to return to what once was, they examine the duration of time and the effort of transitioning absence into presence. The work plays with pausing, fast forwarding and rewinding time in an attempt to write the company back into a performance space. 

this dance, this act that fills the space is presented as a performative installation and blends physical choreography, poetic text and live sound improvisation to create a performance score that interacts with a gallery of artifacts that have been accumulated through the company’s rehearsal process. Audiences are encouraged to add their voices to the archive of memories and explore this collective space of reflection as the performance is built and deconstructed around them.