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Praise for PLEASE LEAVE (a message)

We wanted to share the latest feedback from our performances at Edinburgh Fringe 2023 and the couple shows we staged in London before the festival.

We thought it would be easier to put them all in one place so please take a moment to have a look at what the critics thought...

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"Something about it that clutches your heart"

Lyn Gardner

The Stage

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"An exhilaratingly ambiguous exercise in contemplating the impossibility of true communication. It is compelling and confusing, serious and silly, all at the same time - and it is an extraordinary show from an exciting ensemble"

Fergus Morgan

The Arts Desk

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"Climate change is the massive issue hovering behind all of this, referenced as a too-obvious-to-mention question when considering events stretching millennia into the future. It generates a quiet background hum of grief and inevitable loss behind a show that otherwise swaggers with confidence and conviction, as well as plenty of persuasive ideas"

David Kettle

The Wee Review

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"So did this show leave me with a message? Not exactly; at least, not an actionable one. But it did shine a spotlight on a feeling, something I’ve always been aware of but never quite seen. What’s more, it’s done with humour – and a spirit of inventiveness that makes my Fringe-loving heart sing"

Richard Stamp

Three Weeks

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"The piece feels broadly catered to climate anxiety. The murkiness around this wider anxiety and our need for distraction works almost too well, with karaoke sequences completely undermining the fear of imminent environmental danger. The overall impact is one that unsettles, light humour piercing our anxiety only temporarily"

Louise Jones

EdFest Reviews

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"A masterful creation that engages the mind and the heart. With its inventive staging, evocative storytelling, and a blend of science and art, the performance leaves a lasting impression, encouraging reflection on our role in shaping the world around us"

EdFringe Reviews

Darker Neon

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"The show is brilliant. It explores language and its slipperiness over time through a series of strange pop-song riffs and discursive, slightly neurotic anecdotes, touching lightly on the idea of this performance itself being a message, reiterated and distanced from its audience, playing strange tricks – a thing made in the past, but fixed by the subtitles that make it patently obvious there is very little live about this, a message being delivered rather than a riff being played. As a synecdoche for the idea of trying to figure out how the hell to communicate with people ten thousand years away, it’s stunning, cerebral work"


Dark Chat

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"Generally there is one show a year here that blows my mind .This year I am pleased to state this is PLEASE LEAVE (a message)"

Dark Chat


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"A unique, curious and quirky production"

Chris Omaweng

The Reviews Hub

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"Like its title, Please Leave (a message) has separate parts that carry their own meaning, and which when taken as a whole convey something else entirely. In total, it’s a piece that, though perplexing and strange, is ultimately also moving"

Scott Matthewman


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