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We became each other’s mirrors.

No leaders, no followers.

Just two people moving together as two more watched on

Trying to memorize

Bodies twitching with echo’s of the performers' movement.

Focussing, capturing, accumulating movement after movement and the movements in between.

They swap.

Team B replicates team A’s movement

Realizing their methods of remembering had failed.

There is no muscle memory from their sideline imitation and nothing stuck from their intense focus.

There’s eyebrow raises and subtle head shakes and we know it’s not going right.

New movements noticeably take form, as old ones are erased and forgotten.


We try again.

This time Team B says out loud the movements of Team A

left arm goes up, slight shrug, head tilts back

By bound the movement to language, they remembered what came before.

There was a rhythm to the words

The act of naming, of reducing a movement to a body part, a direction.

The act of verbalizing, meant remember what you said was easier than remembering what someone else did.

The movement became distilled.

The movements that survived the first 2 rounds became fixed.

By the end we were correctly repeating our words and actions and those of each other.


You leave the room and wait outside.

You know you will be called in and asked to describe something

You don’t know what it will be.

You walk in and you are invited to sit down.

You look at a piece of paper and describe what you see.

The piece of paper looked like this:

we then listened to the recordings of each other’s interpretations causing us to review the material and our interpretations of it.


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