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As our time in the Zoomverse is drawing to an end, and the next phase of our process is about to begin in time with the dawning of Spring, we thought it would be good to reflect on the material we've created so far, and discuss how we might adapt it to a physical space in the next stage of our development.


- We will bring objects from previous tasks into the space

- Perform text live and play all recorded sounds from cassettes

- Wear the clothes gifted from Alex as our costumes

- Juxtapose the speed of time-lapses with the real duration of living bodies in the space

- Replicate our melancholic colour schemes using light

- Magnify images with lenses, then magnify them more with live-feed projection

- Record live audio of performance and audience, then loop, rewind, fast-forward the present moment

- Embody melancholy and entropy by trying to get back to the beginning, only to realize everything has changed

- Create dissonance between the recorded body and the live

- Record and play audio cassettes simultaneously

- Film ourselves moving, play it backwards and rehearse it

- Rewinding movement sequences with deliberate differences

- Fragmenting, breaking down, distorting the past process and the live moment

- Exist in individual spaces at first, then gradually break the boundaries and merge, reflecting increasing entropy and the transition from online to offline

- Lip-sync to backwards audio, read text from end to beginning

- Blow analogue bubbles with tennis rackets

- Project the cosmos through a mirror, through which the audience is faced with themselves

- Overlay sound from analog sources, amplify the whispers.


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