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These are tasks we will experiment with over the break, in preparation for the next phase of our process.

Task 1. (Alex)


Take what we have, and do the opposite

Create an act of subversion

Select something you didn’t do, someone else’s work on the drive, and try re-enact it

Everyone send the stuff they make to Alex and she will edit something together; something more expressionist, more abstract from what we have been presenting which has been great but it's the same and it’ll be fun to shake it up that will help inspire what we will do in the space

Task 2. (Miray)

Write a poem made up of your favourite melancholic lyrics or poems. Fill in the blanks. Mingle it with your own writing. Record your voice saying it and create a video for it if you wish! AND Add more music to the Nostalgia & Future doc (music we’ve used file on the drive). Add music you’d like to use in the next phase of the process.


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