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An essential part of our process has been gifting each other creative responses on the drive. We wanted to take this experience and not only make it physical, tangible, but to expand it beyond the company to include the rest of ATP. To forge a material connection, to bring them into our process, and hopefully the performance too.

We were also interested in the duration of post and its journey, in relation to our digital communication.

Could we not instead say that instant messaging has introduced a different latitude onto the globe; that now we have the postcard latitude and the text message latitude, and we understand speed as a comparative relation between the two?

- Matthew Ghoulish

The first piece of post I received in this process was a postcard from Trevor sharing his first memory with me. He also gifted me a postcard to keep the chain going. I responded with a letter attempting to share mine, and gifted him some old Arabic cassette tapes.

Dana sent me a kiss in the post, although we have never met in person, I know have a material kiss from her to keep. I responded using the post-card Trevor gifted me, sent with a kiss and a spray of my perfume.

Alex gifted me a top in the post, and told me how she's giving her possessions to others in search for happiness through minimalism.

I received a lovely letter from Pei-Yu in response to the one I sent to her. She shared with me memories of traveling on the train as a child and gifted me seeds/dried flowers that smelt of Taiwan.


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