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We began the second sharing by inviting the group to listen to an audio piece made by Chris. The soundscape used found voices from the countdown of a rocket launch, a conversation about entropy, and everyday sounds from our own Golden Records. The sound shifted forwards and backwards in time, rewinding and unwinding the sound, playing it forwards then backwards. Playing the backwards forwards, and the forwards backwards. The snippets of conversation heard in between talked about how the effects of entropy could not be reversed, even if you were to record and rewind it.


Discovering radio waves

I know it was said in the piece itself- but massive sense of Entropy- gradual change, spilling and mixing

David Bowie's song Space Oddity

The music of Steve Reich

Evoked ideas of time passing and fragmenting and the blurring of memories.

Mundane everyday sounds (brushing teeth) combined with the distorted words and the count down made me think about ptsd?!?!

I was reminded of space, music, nostalgia, coffee and being with friends on long calls.

Attempt to launch out of stasis

Thinking about the show where the company created the entire show backwards, recorded it, and then played the recording backwards so it went forwards. Maybe it was Sleep walk collective?

Countdown to the end of lockdown

Time lapse photography of something growing, future nostalgia, wiggling

I appreciated the manipulation of the sound clips, wish I knew what the original text was

Palindromic / palindrome, entropy, building towards and counting back, unravelling of time

It placed me back into History.

A sophisticated Vintage film.

Organic and mish-mash sounds

That was very emotional for me and well composed journey. But soft… Thank you x

Waves, end of summer, hearing the sound of TV from a distance, American TV from my childhood

Urban loneliness also

Channel hopping / interference / going back in time

A sense of being both infinite and so so small

Recognition and undermining of that, a journey that I knew and didn't

Hearing the underneath of time

Linda and Dana then shared details of how our process has evolved. They went through the tasks we responsed to, and highlighted our shift towards written scores. The written scores created a shared struture, which allowed us to edit text/voices in a more cohesive way. They also talked about their experience of Geocaching, and the act of searching for something and how that relates to our process of gift-giving.


Next we showed a video edit I made using mine and Dana's responses to the Here I Am task. The shared lines which were written into the score, as well as the use of round mirrors and lenses, created overlaps which aligned easily in the editing process, resulting in something clear and specific.


Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves - Rabindranath Tagore. :)) thank u for sharing

Beautiful. metaphysical but also maternal

Memory that is so tender - and it disappears.. Yet it was once tangible: you met that person, you visited that place, you saw and felt that thing. Memory was once tangible.

The juxtaposition of looking at galaxies under a magnifying lens has really beautiful implications. The middle space between the observable and the imaginable appears to be you--the people who can study and contemplate both. It is so gentle and also has a sense of awe.

Terrence Malick - very good point of reference for the work- i felt

Bouncing off Emma's point about analog // 2001 -- might be worth noting how much science fiction has been built from analog or more tangible means before technology allowed for more experimentation (ie in lots of the set design for Blade Runner being small model sets made to look like a different world)


The human experience of time, putting philosophy into practice. The sound and video were moving, there is something in the whispering of text (like Sleepwalk Collective's work). It might seem like a trick at first, but if it continues in duration, it can adjust the way the audience listens to/watches the work. It seems like through your work, you are changing the terms of how people engage with it. Recognisable music immediately pushes emotional buttons. Revealing the looking glass doesn't detract from what it's showing. We are willing to be led on by you, for you to build an image for us. You do it with gentleness and we feel led with confidence.
You've made clear choices without unveiling everything in an instant, you have to be engaged to understand. The reference to entropy made it useful and finite. It felt as though binaries of performance (presense/absence) were upended. Starting with absence makes a subject out of presence. The reversal of sound and the mentions of entropy gave a feeling of trying to return to a certain point. 'Here I am' is tangible.
The scale of the insurmountable, from the personal/intimate and the contrast of being faced with nature. The close, internal self and the outside. The minute and the infinite. The existence of insurmountability in different spheres.


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