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Ideas for new tasks

Lenses and magnification

Time lapse in your space

Golden record of ‘your earth’/your house

Tangibility of voices

Slow down the sound of time

Juxtaposing the epic and the small visually in the same image/ Playing with scale

White noise and static on TV – remnants of the big bang

Manipulating checks on clothing in front of cameras – optical illusions

Long exposures – long amount of time over a short amount of time – photographic representations of time

Cosmic scale – recreating this with the everyday

Image by Taro Yamamoto

Task 1. (Dana)

The earth is about to end. You are being sent into space on the very last carrier to the space colony which will be your new forever home. You have one last day to record the environment around you, to preserve your earth for the rest of time. It is too hot to go out of doors, all you can do is wait in your earth-house bubble until your ship arrives. The solar flares are interrupting all video footage, the only thing you can do is record with your audio recorder. What do you choose to put on the Golden Record you will take to the new earth? You are an archaeologist in your own home, what will be the artifacts of sound, that will tell the history of now.

Task 2. (Alex)

Record a conversation and transcribe it exactly how it was said, verbatim style. Then take the recording of the conversation or the text and manipulate it into a soundtrack. Interpret this however you wish.

Task 3. (Miray)

Write a letter to your future self. No one will ever read it. Divulge your secrets, fears, regrets, anything lingering in your mind that you can’t share. Or not, no one will ever know, but you’d miss out on the reparative element of this ritual. Write it down in your messiest handwriting, so only you can decipher it. Take it to a quiet space, alone, outdoors or above a sink. Read it to yourself. Take it all in. Don’t judge. Let it wash over you. Then set it on fire. Film it burning in slow motion. Once it’s all turned to ash, tell the camera/voice recorder how it felt to complete the task. Be as specific as you can, describe how it felt to write, read, burn and reflect on the letter.

Task 4. (Chris)

A verbal score. Think of a moment in nature where you felt you were in the presence of something insurmountable. Perhaps you were confronted with a beautifully vast landscape which swallowed you whole OR perhaps you were looking at something so old it jolted you in time...

Write and record a verbal score that MUST include the following:

1) It must begin with the phrase: Here I am...

2) It must include the phrases: I look out and I can see... AND Time almost stops...

3) It must end with the phrase: When I think back to this place...

BONUS: A bonus point for whoever can get the word universeinto their piece.

Task 5. (Lin)

We’ve talked about remnants of the Big Bang. Create your ‘own’ big bang on a smaller scale. You can do this through any format you like: it can be through text, a video, sounds... you’re free to let your imagination take over the concept of what this means, this explosion, this beginning of everything, this immense force of energy.


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