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Our manifesto is an evolving statement of our practice. It contains mistakes, alterations and corrections. We our process progresses, this manifesto will too. As our practice adapts, changes and develops, as will this document. In many ways, It will never be complete.

The work we are making is born out of the now. This liminal place we find ourselves in.

And in our small intimate moments we look out to the cosmos. We share our bedrooms, windows and artifacts with each other. We are in each other’s space even though we have not all seen each other’s bodies.

We try and frame our elements in such a way that they will conjure time in front of us. We pass them to each other through the screen, through the lens, through the particles of white noise, which make up the universe. We remould and reframe and reconsider.

Time is not linear. Time is stretched, elongated, shortened, made double. Time is the present, the future and the past. Time is played like a cassette: rewinding, fast-forwarding and pausing. We make time analogue and, our lives digital.

- Dana

Our intentions are...

To make time tangible

To build futures from nothing

To sow seeds we will never reap

To embrace melancholy as an aesthetic

To create digital artefacts

To find the cosmic within the everyday

To play to the strengths of every member of the group

To not be afraid to shake up the form

To remain on the Zoom call until the implosion of the breakout room

We won’t leave until time runs out.

We want to grasp what has been lost

We want to visualise what will vanish

We want to amplify the noise. The background hum of our lives. The unintentional utterances.

To worship the relics that have survived us

The revenants that will transcend eternally

We want to elevate what has been buried

Dive into the archives of life

We write the future by capturing history

For time is not just our biggest competitor, it is as well our only companion


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