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This is a compilation of video documentation of individual responses to the letter's task. Linda sends a Euro coin and contemplates currency circulation and personal collection. Trevor sends a precious stone and writes about how collections form young identities, and the nostalgic attachments we bestow on these objects. Dana sends a page from Mrs Dalloway, in hopes that gifting it will reframe the connections she has to this particular copy. I sent a train-ticket, and reflected on the movement of bodies around the world and the desire to keep mementos of ephemeral experiences.


This video captures more of the letters we sent. Alex posted old clothes, and wrote of past relationships and the desire to give away material possessions in the pursuit of happiness. Chris sent found photo slides, and reflected on the feeling of holding other peoples' memories, inviting the reader to share their own. I sent a sea-shell and contemplated the way nature can penetrate artificial spaces. Chris edited the video by placing old pages in front of his screen, creating an analog merging effect.

By Chris


Response to Linda's task about merging different elements from different time periods.

By Miray


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