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We began the showing by telling the group about our task to send them letters and gifts in the post. After showing them the video compilation of some of our letters, we invited those who received them to share their responses.


The letters felt very personal, I felt connected to the sender in the way they wrote to me, the photo they gifted and the story of how they found it.
The handwriting felt personal like traces of a hand, a portal to another time. It was exciting to receive. I thought about the time it took to write.
I felt connected to the sender through the shell, I also used to collect sea shells from the Mediterranean. I thought about the connection between people, places and the sea. I don't want to give the letter back.


Existentialism- memory- rule breaking

What is the transition between the distanced space and physical?

until we next meet’ - I feel like it’s already happened, and I'm catching up

Perspective, anticipation, but realizing something might be in the past. Entropy. interesting!

Entropy as a result of pulling between longing for future and longing for the past.

Reflective. Echos. Residue of negotiation of objects.

Resonant relationship to them.

What will happen in the room? will the objects be there?

How will we transfer the images into the room?

We then showed snippets of our miscellaneous footage, responses to the tasks, and Linda's projected edit.

Finally, we finished with Chris' edit of recycled sound from previous responses, and images projected through the pages of an old book.


- Early evening as the weekend begins, and suddenly it becomes dark. I was imagining a cabin I’ve never been in but have probably seen in American films

- Layers upon layers of memories - I miss something I've never had, I feel so nostalgic watching everything you've shared

- Locating ourselves and the efforts of getting objects to spaces, coming into the real, physical.

- Rich qualities and textures

- There was something special about watching a letter being written, hearing it being read back to us and then, hearing from the people who received the letters. I love how we could taking this very simple, human and intimate act of letter writing and break it down and see it from different perspectives and angles. Really beautiful.

- Flow. Sunset and Sunrise.

- I like you keep mentioning “FIND/FINDING” during the process of your sharing. For me it’s a good reminder.

- Missed my ancient times, when I was living in a world without humans, where my friends where the voices of stones and water falls, when the cold and the wind had specific colours, and when the silence was the God of that environment. I want to feel again being a brunch of pine in the north of all the lands and the warmth of southern seas. I want to speak again with dinosaurs about ancestral memories.

- An archeology of objects, a beautiful book by roger caillois called ‘the writing of stones’

- Im enjoying the layering of your images, boxes within boxes, analogue type writers infront of the digital televisions and the pass the parcel methodology. Isolated objects bringing people together it would be nice to see this sense of isolation pervade the performance space which is meant to be about togetherness… will it?

- Creates space for grief, reflection on past versions of myself and others. Revenants of peoples lives. Things we have lost: currency and travel. A personal and collective grieving process.

- The layering, the words, the intense colours and the shades, the camera angle watching your hands writing. I’m wondering: tangible because of the physical sensorial aspect, or tangible because of the articulation of the emotional state…


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